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About Us

Who are we and what do we do?
New Horizons Agriculture LLC (NHA) is an agricultural consultancy company based in Madison, Wisconsin. NHA offers a wide range of consultancy services, but specializes in relocation assistance to farmers. They consider moving for lack of long-term future where they are and seek opportunities to start a new life elsewhere.

case dorresteyn

The owner
The owner of NHA, Case Dorresteijn, was born and educated in the Netherlands. Before founding NHA he was employed by various organizations for 25 years. He spent most of those years in dairy related jobs in the United States, South America and Africa. As International Marketing Manager of an American milking machine manufacturer he got involved with dairy projects of all sizes in America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

International relocation assistance
The Netherlands is a small and densely populated country in Europe with fierce competition for every acre of land available. For that reason some dairy farmers consider emigration opportunities. Some prefer to stay in Europe, while others explore countries further away from home like the USA and Canada. This is not a new trend as hundreds of Dutch farmers immigrated to Canada and the US over the past decades. Areas with a strong dairy infrastructure like the state of Wisconsin are looking for new dairy farmers to replace farmers who retire and do not have a successor lined up.

Integrity, service and contacts
NHA knows that every relocation is unique and different and therefore treats every project as such. NHA can assist relocating farmers in every aspect along the way. NHA works together with a wide variety of professional US organizations. It's services go hand in hand with integrity, professional expertise, flexibility and a positive attitude. To bring in those important ingredients and work with you to realize your dreams is the part we like best.