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Buying an existing farm
NHA assists farmers who relocate and want to buy an existing farm. The farms range in size from 150 cows and up. Because of our expertise and experience with all aspects involved NHA can help you make an analysis of such projects. Apart from analyzing the farming aspects, NHA can also help evaluate the infrastructure and the community in terms of hospitals, schools, churches etc. Future happiness of the spouse and children is a key factor for overall success.

Building a new farm
Some relocating farmers built a complete new dairy with the help of NHA. NHA can identify attractive sites for new set-ups. Depending on the number of acres purchased the farmer will produce all the feed himself or alternatively work together with a neighbor for some of his supply. Often neighbors are interested in such a form of co-operation because of the manure. NHA's assistance addresses aspects like the design of the facility, a business plan, the visa application, permit procedures, short and mid term cash flow projections, financing, procurement of cattle etc. Based on the individual needs of the project, a tailor-made approach is developed to reduce risks to the fullest and enhance chances for success.

Selling your current farm
NHA has buyers with different interests and can assist you with the sale of your present operation.

Modify your way of farming?
Creating win-win situations can be done many ways. If you belong to the group of American dairy farmers who want to stop milking cows or slow down otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us. On a basis of confidentiality we will gladly sit down with you to see how our core business can serve your exit strategy. It is possible to stay involved and grow crops or custom raise heifers. Please inform us what your ideal way of slowing down or exiting is, and chances are we can help to make it happen by providing the missing piece of the puzzle.

Agricultural investment opportunities
Investors in the stock market have gone through difficult times in recent years. Looking back, many investors now even question their original criteria and admit that it changed their view on how to invest. For investors who want to stay away from the more risky deals, agriculture can be an attractive alternative. Investors with taxable income in the US have additional advantages because projects can be amortized over a short period of time.

Better prices for your crops?
High drying and transportation costs of corn lower the profitability for grain producers. Selling the corn crop as silage to a neighbor may give a better bottom line. Additional advantages of a cooperation with a dairy are the availability of manure which reduces the need for expensive commercial fertilizer and working with alfalfa as a crop rotator and soil improver.